Herbal Tick And Flea Repellent Dog Collar




Herbal Tick And Flea Repellent Dog Collar

Herbal insect Repellent Collar is formed from a special fertilized material. It contains a mix of natural essential oils that gradutial unleash into your pet’s coat. The flavourer oil can offer off a pleasing flavourer aroma and repel fleas naturally and can stay effective for up to four months.

Directions to be used

Fasten the flavourer collar guaranteeing a snug fit-if fitted to a growing dog keep in mind to loosen the collar because the dog gets larger.For grownup dogs correct fitting can permit 2 fingers to be inserted between the collar and also the neck.Cut of excess collar extending on the far side the buckle and dispose off safely.If any sign of skin irritation occur,remove collar without delay.

Natural herbal extracts of eucalyptus,citronella,carrier softended suspension poly vinyl chloride.

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Weight : 50 Gm


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Herbal Tick And Flea Repellent Dog Collar
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