Chow Chow

Life expectancy: 11 – 14 years
Origin: China
Colors: Golden, White, Black, Blue, Fawn, Cream, Red
Height: Male: 49–57 cm, Female: 45–52 cm
Temperament: Playful, Active, Innocent, Aloof, Independent, Loyal, Quiet
Weight: Male: 26–33 kg, Female: 21–28 kg

Chow Chow Puppy for sale in Delhi, Chow Chow Price in Delhi

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Chow Chow Puppies For Sale

If Your Searching for Chow Chow puppies in Delhi. So You are on the Correct Website For All Kinds of Pet Requirement Portal. So We are Also Dealing in Chow Chow and we will Provide you Correct Information about chow chow according to Delhi / NCR and About Vaccinations, Deworming to getting yourself a new puppy in Delhi. Now the fun (and work!) begins. Your puppy was carefully raised and cared for for the first few weeks of its life according to the temperament of Delhi. Weaned on to a kibble style dog food and quantity, romped and played across our house in Delhi (particularly in the boy’s room), has received a good start toward housebreaking, and was socialized with strangers and new situations of Puppies in Delhi. Your puppy has received its first shot (without lepto virus of Pup ) From any Vet in Delhi/NCR, It had a veterinarian examination and has been wormed ( Deworming of Your Puppy Dog ). All of this is standard and is a very good start for your Chow-chow puppy in Delhi. Top Quality Chow Chow Puppies in Delhi/NCR.

here is a list of things that your puppy will need to have done and required medical needs in the next few months:

Medical Needs

Let talk about Shots of Five puppy vaccinations spaced every four weeks (at 6, 10, 14, 18 weeks ) and 6 months old ( 6 weeks shot already given). Give NO Lepto vaccinations to your chow. Lepto can cause anaphylactic shock & can kill your chow. we all chow chow puppies for sale in Delhi, Additionally does not use Fort Dodge vaccines on your dog (there have been several severe reactions in chows to Fort Dodge vaccines of puppies).

At 18 weeks it is recommended to give a rabies shot (good for one year)

Worming: Worm with Strong id T at 6 and 12 weeks (6-week worming is already done)

Heartworm Protection: Heart Gard Plus (protects from heartworms): One tablet every month: test once per year (no test needed initially) For the best protection and Heart Gard guarantee this should be given all 12 months of the year.

Anesthesia: Chow Chow puppies are not a good breed to put under anesthesia. Many chows do not come out from under anesthesia so you should be very careful. Do not put your chow under unless it is absolutely necessary. Please contact us prior to any surgery and we will let you know what we have found to be the best choice for anesthesia in chow chow puppies in Delhi.

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Purebred CHOW CHOW puppies,!! We choose your pet for its beauty and character, they are delivered from 2 and a half months, dewormed with the vaccines corresponding to their age, veterinary card, microchip, and invoice with their viral and genetic guarantees in writing. It includes the health card with the health treatments up to date: internal and external deworming, vaccines according to age and they are also identified with a microchip Leer. We offer guarantees (2 years hereditary guarantee and 15 days viral guarantee, written guarantees). If you live in or around Barcelona, ​​we offer a free check-up and discounts at veterinary hospitals. Don’t be fooled !! Come visit us without obligation! We send . . Contact us and we will advise you without any commitment. PRICE FROM, Taxes not included. Telephone your number

Chow Chow Breed Information

the chow chow or simply chow is a breedthat originated in northern chinathey’re independent and dignified dogsthat some describe as cat-likethese dogs usually attack themselves toone person but they have affection forthe whole family now without further adolet’s delve into the top 10 interestingfacts about the chow chownumber one their history the chow chowis a basal breed that predates theemergence of modern breeds in the 19thcentury they’re believed to haveoriginated in mongolia and northernchina some 2 000 years ago where theymight have descended from ancienttibetan mastiffs early depictions of thebreed appear in pottery and paintingsfrom han donesty andhave been believed to be used forhunting birds and guarding their owner’spossessionstheir fur was used to trim coats andtheir flesh was considered a delicacythey were imported to england and massaround 19th century and their popularityboosted because queen victoria had takenan interest in the breedthe akc recognized the breed in 1903with yen haobeing the first child registered numbertwo the story behind their namein their early days child childs went byseveral names in chinasome of them include black tongue dogwolf dog bear dog and canton dogsin the late 18th century britishmerchants included some of these dogs intheir cargoback in the day miscellaneous items werereferred to as chow chow that’s wherethe dogs got their name fromand it has stuck ever since number threethere are not just lovey-dovey dogsciaos are independent and dignifiedcanine companionsdespite their teddy bear-like appearancethere are no lap dogs and they don’tlike being fussed overif you’re looking for a dog that lovescuddles the ciao is not the best choicefor you you won’t get a consistentstream of affection from your chow chowthey cuddle only when they feel like itnot necessarily when you want to howeveryour child will sit on your feet andthis is their way of showing that theycare for younumber four they are wary of strangersciaos love their family and they’reincredibly loyalhowever strangers are of no interest atthe chow chows unless they’reapproaching their homethese dogs are highly territorial anduninvited guests are sure to be greetedwith a deep growlthey’re extremely distrustful of peoplethey’re not familiar withand they might get aggressive too theywill however let strangers touch them ifintroduced by their ownersnumber five they have a cat like natureciaos have an aloof independentintelligent and stubborn personalitywhich owners often compare to felinesthese dogs are also meticulous andextremely keen canineschows carry themselves with dignity andthey know that they’re special they’rereserved towards strangers and they actmore like catsthan canines number six their uniqueappearancealmost rare among mammals the child’stongue has a distinctive dark blue blackcolor which no other breed except thesharpie hasthis is one of their describing featuresand any other tongue color isdisqualified under the breed standardthey also have very straight hind legsresulting in a rather stiff choppy orstilted gate they’re not speedy so wedon’t recommendrunning with them but they have highendurance and they makeexcellent walk buddies number seventraining them can be difficultintelligent dogs are usually easier totrain but that is not the case with thechow chowchows are known for being smart but hardto train they don’t have the desire toplease their owners and their stubbornnature does not make this any easierthey do respond well to clicker trainingand positive reinforcement techniquesthoughremember to be patient and stay willingto try different methods for the bestresultsnumber eight with chow chow you’ll haveto assert dominanceciaos are only easy to work with whenthey are pups so you should train andsocialize them appropriatelyduring this period you must make themunderstand early on in their lifethat you’re the alpha this is becauseciaos are known to test their ownersduring adolescencebecause of their strong independentnature they need strong-willed ownerswho can stay dominant and are not thebest choice for first-time ownersnumber nine their health issues like allbreeds ciaos face some health problemstoocanine hip dysplasia or chd is a commoncondition seen in the spread in whichthe thigh bone does not fit into the hipjointanother condition is entropion whichcauses the eyelid to roll inwardirritating or injuring the eyeballciaos are also at high risk ofautoimmune diseases and are predisposedto skin melanoma a type of skin cancera regular visit to the vet is sure tohelp keep your chow healthynumber 10 they’re grooming the smoothcoated chow chow has a hard denseand smooth outer coat with no visiblerough or feathering brush them aboutthree times a week to remove dead hairand to keep the coat healthy they’reheavy seasonal shatterers and they needextra attention at that timebe their child at least monthly or moreoften if they play outsideget them used to being handled early onand the rest is just basic carealright guys that’s the end of our listof top 10 interesting facts about thechacha thank you so much for watching thevideo if you already own one of theselion like pops let us know all aboutthem.

History of Chow Chow

Squishy chow chows, precious quality puppies selected by morphology and behavior, socialized for company, purebred parents and grandparents, from 2 to 6 months, ready to go to your home, with all health treatments: vaccines, internal and external deworming, microchip (optional) and health card, veterinary check. we are professionals, buy with guarantees. shipments to all of Spain. Open from Monday to Sunday. prices vary depending on the line, age, color and sex. trust the professionals, take your puppy congenital guarantees, purchase, and sale contract. do not collaborate with the illegal sale of an individual

Canine breed of Chinese origin, which usually weighs between 18 and 25 kilograms approximately and whose height ranges between 46 and 56 centimeters. Formerly it was used, ineffectively, as a hunter and sled shooter. Later it happened to exert the function of guardian of the Buddhist temples. Currently, it is a very loyal companion dog to its master, showing great affection to people who are known to him. On the contrary, you need your time to accept people outside your family. They can cohabit without problems with individuals of the same sex or of the opposite sex.


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Chow chow puppy for sale in delhi
Chow Chow