Siberian Husky

Height : 20 – 23 Inches

Weight : 16 – 27 Kgs

Color: White, Black, Black & Tan, Silver-gray, Black & White, Sable & White, Grey, Gray & White, Red & White

Coat: Short coat, Long Coat

Temperament: Outgoing, Alert, Friendly, Gentle, Intelligent

Breed Group : Husky Dogs are belong from Working Dogs

Siberian husky puppy for sale Delhi, Siberian husky puppy price in Delhi

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Siberian Husky Puppy For Sale

If You are Searching for Siberian Husky in Delhi. Buy Best Quality Siberian Husky Puppies in Delhi. We are the Best Breeder for Siberian husky and Welcome to Asia Pets. We are Started Our Kennel From 2 male Dogs and 3 Female and Right We have Seven Adult Dogs and Fifteen Adult Female is available in many References. Our Kennel in Delhi and It’s a Small Kennel but we are doing our work for the way best kennel Siberian Husky Puppies in Delhi/NCR.

Asia Pets is a small showing Breeder of Siberian Husky breeding kennel located in Delhi/NCR. Our mission is to help preserve our beloved breed in Delhi, We have many Happy Clients of the Siberian Husky, We breed healthy, happy, and beautiful dogs as close to the KCI Siberian Husky standard as possible in Delhi. Since 2011 we have been blessed to have this wonderful breed in our lives and hope to continue our love affair with the Siberian Husky Puppies For Sale for many years to come for Top quality of Husky in Delhi.
We have Best breed and owned Best in Show and Best in Specialty Show winners, as well as dogs in Delhi. that have achieved National Club recognition and Awards of Kennel Club. Many of our puppies, dogs, and veterans have had multiple Specialty wins in Delhi/NCR. We have bred many Champions and Grand Champions and as well as titling our dogs in Obedience and Rally in Our Kennel in Delhi.
Another special area of interest for us has been Rescued. Our first three Siberians have rescued dogs in Delhi/NCR, one of whom went on to compete and finish titles in Obedience and was nationally ranked as one of the top 5 Siberians.

Siberian Husky Price in Delhi

Rs.35,000 to 1,00,000

Blue Eyes and Double Coat Siberian Husky Price in Delhi

Rs.40000 to 1,50,000

About Siberian Husky :

Color(s): Siberian Huskies arrive in an assortment of hues and markings, from dark to immaculate white with shaded markings on the body that incorporate reds and coppers. Their eyes can be cocoa, blue, or a mix. Theirs confront game covers that add to their eye advance and Color Coat also available Color are available in White, Grey, Black, and white, brown color

Type of Siberian husky: there two types of husky furry dog and simple smooth coat Puppies in Delhi.

Coat: The Siberian Huskies coat additionally arrives in a longhaired assortment called a wooly coat. This dog easy to survive in Delhi/NCR  ( Long coat and Shot Coat. ) The wooly (some of the time spelled wooly or wooly) coat length originates from a recessive quality and is not in the vast majority of the pet hotel club’s composed standard in Delhi. Coat hues incorporate all, from dark to unadulterated white, with or without markings on the head. The face veil and underbody are normally white, and the remaining coat any shading According to The Delhi.

Distinct Feature: Siberian Huskies Puppies in Delhi are solid, reduced, working sled pooches. The medium-sized head is in the extent to the body, with a gag that is equivalent long to the skull, with a very much characterized stop. The shade of the nose relies on the shade of the puppy’s jacket. It is dark in dim, tan, or dark pooches, the liver in copper puppies, and substance shaded in immaculate white mutts. The medium-sized, oval-molded eyes are reasonably separated and come in blue, chestnut, golden, or any mix thereof. Eyes can be half blue and half cocoa (part-looked at), or puppies can have one blue eye and one chestnut eye (bi-peered toward). The erect ears are triangular fit as a fiddle and set high up on the head. The teeth meet in a scissors chomp buy Siberian Husky in Delhi/NCR.

The primary focus of our breeding program is to breed for soundness in health and temperament. Every dog in our breeding program receives an annual eye clearance from a Board Certified Canine Ophthalmologist. In addition, the dogs are cleared for hip dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation of India and must rate excellent or good to be a part of our breeding program in Delhi/NCR.
Our dogs are first and foremost our family! They reside in the house and spend lots of time running, playing, and hanging out in our yards. Puppies are whelped in a bedroom and raised with lots of attention and family involvement. Socializing puppies is a task that we take very seriously Siberian Husky Puppies in Delhi.

Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale in is a network of trusted, experienced Siberian Husky breeders devoted to raising quality puppies and finding happy, loving homes for them. Every one of our qualified breeders is selected for their breeding practices and must abide by our breeder code of ethics in order to be included in our network. Such strict standards are meant to provide the happiest, healthiest puppies to homes in Delhi and throughout India.  The long-term relationships we strive for with our breeders and Siberian Husky puppy families are to ensure the puppies for sale go from one loving home to another.

Each of the breeder’s puppies is placed in loving homes throughout Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon. All of the Siberian Husky puppies for sale on this website are from our nationwide network of America’s top breeders and may not necessarily be located in Dwarka. If you see a Siberian Husky puppy in New Delhi that you would like to receive more information about please click on the puppy’s ad and fill out the puppy request form. One of our knowledgeable puppy counselors will contact you shortly. Shipping is available!


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Siberan Husky puppy for sale in delhi
Siberian Husky