American Bully

Height: 33–50 cm (13–20 inch)

Weight: 30–41 kg (65–87 lb)

Origin: United States

Scientific name: Canis lupus familiars

Higher classification: Dog

Rank: Breed

Litter size: 4-8


Location: Delhi, IN

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If you are looking for a Companion Buy American Bully Puppies in Delhi/NCR

American Bully puppies also are called Bully pit and or American Bully Pit. The American Bully features a short, close, stiff, and glossy coat. Their coat is often in any color. the top of yank American Bully Puppies for Sale in Delhi is of medium length. they need a broad skull, cheek muscles, high set ears. Their ears are often cropped and uncropped. they will have round to oval-shaped eyes in any color eyes except albinism, their eyes are low right down to the skull, and set far apart puppies in Delhi. Their muzzle is additionally of medium length, rounded on the top, and falling away abruptly below eyes. Their jaws are well defined. Their jaws are strong and show their biting power. Their lips are close and even some looseness is accepted but that’s not preferred. Their upper teeth meet tightly outside lower teeth ahead. Their nose altogether colors.

The American Bully for Sale in Delhi has a neck that is heavy, arched slightly, and tapering from shoulder to back of the skull. they need no looseness in their skin. Their shoulders are strong and muscular with wide blades and sloping. Their back is moderately short. Their body has well sprung ribs that are deep in rear. Their all ribs approximate. Their forelegs are set wide apart while their chest is deep and broad. Their tail is brief as compared to size, low set neither curled nor docked. Their front legs got to be straight. Their hindquarters are well muscled, disappointed at hocks, which is neither in nor out. Their feet are of moderate size, well arched and compact while their gait is springy with the chase away the rear.


The XL American Bully breed was discovered within the mid 90s with the aim of making the family companion. The American Bully was discovered by combining the specified traits of India. American Pit Bull Terrier and therefore the KC India Staffordshire terrier. The American Bully puppies in Delhi/NCR’ origin is often seen mainly on the East and West Coast of the India majorly in l. a. and India. they’re spreading to all or any parts of the India. In recent times the Micro American Bully puppies for sale are often seen in India and Asia.

The American Bully for Adoption has anticipation of 8 to 12 years. The American Bully Puppies can have a litter size of 4 to 10 puppies. The American Bully Puppies for Sale in Delhi has a height of 13 to 21 inches that’s 33 cm to 53 cm. they need a weight of 70 to 120 pounds that’s 31 kg to 54 kg.

The American Bully Breed comes in 5 categories that include a pocket, standard, size, extreme, and classic. they ought to have the correct proportion of height and weight.


The American Bully Puppies for Sale in USA are playful, friendly, stable, and assured dogs. they’re gentle and loving towards people. they’re disposition, pleasant, faithful, and therefore the affectionate family dog. they’re courageous and intelligent guard dogs. they’re confident yet not aggressive. they’re early overwhelming to please the family. These puppies have a pleasing temperament. The American Bully Puppies are physically impressive, have an athletic build that displays strength and agility. they’re versatile and attain a good sort of task. they’re documented for his or her courage. they’re highly protective of their owners. they need a high tolerance for pain as they will fight until death for his or her family.

Micro American Bully Puppies for Sale need many regular exercises including an extended brisk daily walk to alleviate their mental and physical energy.

The American Bully Puppies smooth and short haired coat is easy to groom. Their coat must be brushed on a daily basis with a firm brush.

The American Bully Puppies are very active indoors, and that they prefer warm climates.

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