Group: Working Dogs

Weight: 64 – 78 Kgs

Height : 25 – 28 inches

Color(s) : Tibetan Mastiff Colours comes in black, brown, gold, and blue, with or without tan markings above and around the eyes, on the side of the muzzle, on the throat, and on the lower part of the front forelegs, the inside of the rear legs, the breeches and the underside of the tail.
Some Tibetan Mastiffs have small white markings on the chest and feet but nowhere else on the body. The undercoat may be lighter shades of the dominant color or gray or tan on black and tan dogs. Tibetan Mastiffs with sable or brindle coats are faulted in the show ring, but their color doesn’t affect their ability to be a companion or guardian.

Coat: The Tibetan Mastiff has a double coat with a long, thick, coarse-textured topcoat and a heavy, soft, woolly undercoat. The undercoat is thinner during warmer months. The hair is hard and straight, never curly, wavy, or silky.
A heavy mane covers the neck and shoulders, and the tail and britches (the upper thighs) have a heavy coat and feathering. Males generally have more coat than females, including a thicker mane around the neck and shoulders.

Distinct Feature: The Tibetan Mastiff is an enormous, goliath pooch with tough bone structure. The body is marginally more than tall. The to some degree wrinkled head is wide, overwhelming and solid. The expansive gag is square when seen from all sides. The expansive nose is dark. The teeth meet in scissors or level nibble. The upper lip, as a rule, covers the lower lip. The marginally inclining eyes are almond molded, profound set and medium in size. Eye shading comes in shades of chestnut. The pendant ears are V-formed, hanging forward near the head. The neck is solid and curved with a moderate dewlap. The dewlap is more noticeable in guys than in females. The topline is level.

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