Super Dog Hand Brush Green




Groom, scrub and massage your pet with the eco-friendly Grooming Hand Brush that is intended with soft longer bristles on one facet whereas on the opposite facet, there’s a strap that keeps brush connected to your hand. give reliable stock for all of your pets wants. It are often accustomed take away dirt and cut back shedding of hair or use once shampooing your pet to completely penetrate coat throughout bathtub time. product of natural rubber, the short nubs afford straightforward cleansing.


  • Ideal For Everyday Grooming
  • Firm and Gentle Bristles
  • Can be used on a wet and dry coat
  • Works well at bath time to create lather
  • Strap attached with brush helps in carrying
  • Ideal for pet bathing and coat massaaging

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Here are the basic dimensions of the product.

Length:  5 inch

Width:    3.5 inch

Height:   1 inch

Weight:  66 gm


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Super Dog Hand Brush Green
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