Shih Tzu

Male Height: 10 to 11 inches.
Male Weight: between 9 to 16 pounds.
Female Height: 9 to 10 inches.
Female Weight: between 9 to 16 pounds.
Hair Length: Long, Silky, Smooth Hair
Size: Toy/Small
Life Span: 12-15 years
Litter Size: average of 3 to 5 puppies is usual. Due to the Shih Tzu’s size litters can range from1-5 puppies.
Color: Black, White, Liver, Brindle, Liver & White, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Black & White, Blue, Gold
Living Area:
The Best Shih Tzu makes an ideal dog for both city and country living in India. In the city these dogs become easily accustomed to the noises and apartment style living in Delhi NCR. They never feel more proud then when strutting on their leash through crowds of people. They are also at home romping in the country. Due to their size and need for companionship they should be kept as an inside dog.

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Shih Tzu Puppies in Delhi

The Shih Tzu is a small dog whose lavish coat can be almost any color Puppies Breed in Delhi NCR. It is considered the price to have according to the quality and white blaze on the forehead and white tip to the tail Breed of Shih Tzu. Its coat is long on top and dense underneath. When the Shih Tzu dog breeder in Delhi is full-grown the undercoat helps give an overall graceful appearance to the coat. Their head and tail are carried high, which brings a feeling of confidence in this breeder in Delhi. The body is compact and slightly longer than it is tall. It has a very sturdy body structure hidden beneath its mantle of luxurious hair. The hair on the bridge of the nose grows upwards giving the distinctive “chrysanthemum” look. Best Quality of Shih Tzu Breed Puppies Available in Delhi Ncr. The head is rounded with a beard and mustache look covering a short, square-shaped, hairy muzzle. It has large, wide-rounded eyes that express the impression of trust and friendliness. The ears are covered in long straight hair extending to the front legs. The teeth usually form an undershot bite. The tail is long but carried high and curled over the back. It is common to have the hair on top done up with bows or clips to be able to have the face show. They shed little to no hair and make a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Tips for Shih Tzu Puppies

The emperor of dogs! Royal to the tips of his hair, this little dog is nonetheless very playful and dynamic. Its sparkling face will melt more than one and will avoid many reprimands … It can be kept long-haired if it is brushed regularly to avoid knots, or mid-length with a nice modern bob cut.

COAT of Shih Tzu
The Shih Tzu is a long Coat HAIR Dog Breed, with straight flowing, elegant looks. The top is usually done up in a topknot with a bow, keeping hair out of its face and Looking Cute Breed. They shed little to no hair and their skin dander makes their coat due well with allergy sufferers For More Information Call us about The Shih Tzu Breed in Delhi.
The Pet shop in Delhi. We have Grooming Facilities available for Shih Tzu and Now Talk about Shih Tzu Grooming Much of the elegance of the Shih Tzu is owed to its beautiful Look flowing coat. To maintain this elegant trademark in Delhi, grooming needs to be done each day. Although 15 minutes a day can sound like a lot of work, if your Shih Tzu learns at a young age it can be easily done and just part of their daily routine. Brushing the hair will keep mats from easily forming. Usually, a topknot is done up with a bow or clip to keep hair out of their eyes and face. Some owners keep their dogs cut shorter to maintain easier upkeep on matting and brushing. The nails need to be kept trimmed to prevent curling over. The ears need to be kept clean and dry. It is a good idea to check them daily but your vet can always give you more advice on ways to keep ear infections to a minimum. Shih Tzu’s eyes can be very sensitive. It is important to keep them clean and healthy. Vets can suggest any preventive measures you might need to keep them from getting dirty or inflamed. They will usually need a weekly bath. Cutting can be less frequent if keeping the coat long but it is important to keep it clean and brushed. Because their coats can be so acceptable for matting some owners use a conditioning spray on the hair. Before deciding what brand to use it is important to ask your groomer or vet what is right for your individual dog.
The Shih Tzu Breed are sturdy, bouncy extroverts that make delightful family pets. The spunky but sweet dog is both a gentle lap dog and a vivacious companion. They have an upbeat attitude and love to play and romp. They are affectionate to their family and good with children. They are surprisingly tough and can have a stubborn streak to them. They are a lively watchdog and bark to alert any new circumstances. Because of their fun-loving personality, they are usually a great companion for people and other animals. Introductions should always be supervised but they tend to get along well with everyone NO the Shih Tzu Breeder in Delhi. It is important that this breed in Delhi NCR is kept active in games or just being loved. They like to have a lot of attention and be in the middle of everything. They will be happy to follow you anywhere but with all the hair can be a lot of work to clean up afterward. It can be quite a sight to watch them romping around with their coat flowing in all directions as they play. Being a people-oriented dog, they cherish being loved and will sit and cuddle on your lap for hours at a time Buy Shih Tzu Puppies in Delhi NCR.

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