Petswill Run 21 Dog Deodorant Spritz 120 Ml


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Petswill Run 21 Deodorant Spritz 120 Ml

Refresh And Deodorant: Freshen your dogs with this fantastic deodorant, for when they smell ugly and even when they don’t!

Anti Bacterial Ingredient: Packed with some super ingredients that kill the odour forming and other potentially harmful bacteria, also adding a layer of protection on your dog’s coat, eliminating a major root cause of the doggy odour.

Friendly Fragrances: Carefully chosen dog friendly fragrance make this deodorant a delightful experience for you and your pet! The fragrances are long lasting, non allergenic and really really fun!

All Skin And Breed: Our deodorant spritzers are safe to use on dogs of all breeds and coat types

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Weight: 120 Ml


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Petswill Run 21 Dog Deodorant Spritz 120 Ml
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