Pedigree Chicken And Liver Chunks In Gravy Pouch 80Gm


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Pedigree Chicken And Liver In Sauce 80gm

Home style gives your dog an enjoyable meat every day. Produced from quality meat and selected vegetables which are carefully cooked to preserve the essential nutrients he needs.

The pouch special foil packs provide sealed in freshness for a delicious taste and appetizing is also enriched with vitamin E and Omega 6 for healthy skin and a beautiful coat.

The superb taste from real meat ensures pure enjoyment for him. Your dog will think it’s a meal you cooked just for him.

Complete nutrition 5 ways:

  • Alter eyes & reflexes
  • Energy & Proper digestion
  • Healthy skin & shiny coat
  • Strong muscles
  • Strong teeth & bones

Quality Ingredients:

Chicken, liver, dietary fiber, soy oil, gravy, gelling agents, Flavour, coloring agents, minerals, vitamins.

Here is providing you such product. provides reliable stock for all your pet’s needs.

Here are the basic dimensions of the product.

Length 3.5 inches
Width 0.2 inches
Height 5 inches
Weight 80 gm



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Pedigree Chicken And Liver Chunks In Gravy Pouch 80Gm
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