KONG Puppy Large Dog Toy




TYPE: Dog Toy

COLOUR: Blue (Colour May Vary)

DIMENSION: 10.2 x 7.1 x7.1 cm

WEIGHT: 200 g

SUITABLE FOR: Large breed puppies having an adult weight between 15-30 Kg

DESCRIPTION: KONG Puppy Large Dog Toy is a customised toy for large breed puppies to make their teeth grow stronger. The toy is made from soft KONG rubber which serves best for puppy’s teeth and gums. It teaches them appropriate chewing behaviour apart from fulfiling their instinctual need to chew. KONG toy has an unpredictable bounce that makes your puppies guessing for the ball, giving them their required physical activity. Crate training is also made easier with the toy as it contains two slotted ends for giving them sufficient treats. You can easily step out of the house for a while as KONG Puppy Toy keeps your puppies deeply engaged in their tasks. This is the reason why KONG toys are recommended by veterinarians and trainers worldwide to treat behavioural issues like boredom and anxiety in dogs.


  • Customised toy for large breed puppy’s teeth and gums.
  • Gives great chewing satisfaction to the puppies.
  • Makes crate training of the puppies easier.
  • Excellent distractor toy for grooming purpose.
  • Fun to chew, chase and fetch.
  • Erratic bounce for playing games like fetch. v
KONG Puppy Large Dog Toy
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