Kong Champz Chucks Tug Toy




TYPE: Dog Toy

DIMENSION: 5.7 x 5.7 x 45.1 cm

WEIGHT: 132 g

SUITABLE FOR: All Dogs ( Moderate Chewers)

DESCRIPTION: KONG Champz Chucks Tug Toy is a fun toy for all dogs who are mild chewers and has a tough time focusing on things. This toy also works great for puppies who love to play all day. The toy, which is made out of reinforced fabric adds greatly to its durability. The squeaking sound of the toy adds to the dog’s entertainment and its floating nature makes it highly adaptable. The high tensile fibre gives the material enough resistance against the biting and chewing by dogs. If you have two dogs in the house, KONG Champz Chucks is perfect for tug and toss session between them. It is also beneficial in keeping the dogs absorbed in the playing session; in a case, you are not present inside the house. The buoyant nature of the ball makes it exciting for the dogs to play in pools.


  • Designed with ballistic fibre having a high tensile strength
  • A buoyant toy that effortlessly floats in the water
  • Tougher than most of the ordinary stuffed dog toys
  • Comprises of handles that makes it ideal for throwing, pulling and picking up
  • Apt toy for puppies who likes playing all day.
Kong Champz Chucks Tug Toy
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