Jerhigh Dog Treats Strawberry 70 gms




TYPE: Dog Treat

QUANTITY: 70 grams

BREED: Dogs of all breed and ages.

DESCRIPTION: Jerhigh Dog Treats Strawberry 70 gms is a premium quality treat offering an excellent strawberry flavour for enticing the choosiest of eaters. The dog treat is loaded with nutrients for maintaining proper growth and development of your pet dog. Fresh chicken meat is the chief ingredient of the treat providing ample protein content for increasing strength and endurance. Vitamin A present in the treat boosts eye vision and keeps a healthy skin and coat in them. Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant which fights free radicals present in the dog’s body, thus building a strong defence mechanism. Natural fibres in the treat promote good digestive health and a gentle bowel movement. Jerhigh Dog Treats Strawberry has Collagen for reducing the visible signs of ageing.


  • Delicious chicken meat with strawberry flavour.
  • Improves muscle mass and strength.
  • Encourages healthy skin and a glossier coat.
  • Maintains good eye vision in canines.
  • Offers super antioxidants for fighting infections and diseases.
  • Keeps a healthy digestive tract.
  • Ideal treat for all dog breeds.

INGREDIENTS: Chicken meat, wheat flour, water, tapioca flour, vitamin E, sugar, salt, glycerine, wheat gluten, sodium tripolyphosphate, inulin, strawberry flavour, titanium dioxide, erythrosin, sodium metabisulfite, sodium erythorbate


Protein(min) 35%, Crude fat(min) 9%, Crude fibre(max) 6%, Moisture(max) 20%

Jerhigh Dog Treats Strawberry 70 gms
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