Hello Pet Non Slip Handled Dog Comb


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Hello Pet Non Slip Handled Comb 


  • For long coats.
  • For most cats and dogs.
  • Eases tangles and mats.
  • Removes loose hair, dirt, and helps prevent hair from being matted.
  • Promotes hair health and regrowth.
  • Rounded pins for extra comfort and massage action.
  • Teeth are moulded into the comb’s body for maximum durability.
  • Anti-slip handle design.


  • If there is severe knotting or tangling, you may need to use another Comb first.
  • Layer the hair into sections. Work from the outer ends toward the roots, gently combing in the direction of hair growth.
  • Clean your brushes and combs at regular intervals for best results.
  • Good grooming is not only about beauty, but also about good health.

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Weight:  80 gm


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Hello Pet Non Slip Handled Dog Comb
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