Hello Pet Grooming Hand Glove




Hello Pet Grooming Hand Glove
Groom, scrub and massage your pet with the eco-friendly Grooming Glove which  is  designed with soft longer bristles on one side while on the other side, there are shorter but firmer nubs that clean and massage coat. It can be used on dry pet to collect loose hair, remove dirt and reduce shedding of hair or use when shampooing your pet to thoroughly penetrate coat during bath time. Made of natural rubber, the short nubs allow for easy scrubbing, ideal for super-sensitive skin.


  • Ideal For Everyday Grooming To Remove Shedding Hair
  • Firm, But Gentle Bristles
  • Gently Lift Dirt, Dust, From Your Pet’s Coat
  • Can Be Used On A Wet Or Dry Coat
  • Works Well At Bath Time To Help Lather Up And Rinse Your Dog.
  • Hand Held Grooming Pad Is Easy To Grip.
  • Ideal For Pet Bathing And Coat Massaging
  • This High Quality Grooming Tool Is Perfect For Pets Of Any Size
  • Can Be Used In Both Left And Right Hand.


  • Bathing Your Pets.
  • Scrubing Your Pets
  • Massaging Your Pets
  • Removing The Shedded Hair.

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Here are the basic dimensions of the product:

Length 6.5 inch
Width 3 inch
Height 10 inch
Weight 75 gm



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Hello Pet Grooming Hand Glove
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