Hello Pet Flea Dog Comb Large




Hello Pet Flea Comb Large

A flea comb has very finely spaced teeth that can remove fleas and their eggs from the dog’s coat. provide reliable stock for all your pets needs. Be sure to clean the comb in a bowl of soap water after each pass through your dog’s coat. This will remove any fleas from the comb and dispose of them in the soapy water.They can used to control shedding .These are used to remove tangles and matted fur from the coat. They have sharp, wide spaced teeth designed to untangle the hair. Be careful when using this particular type because you can easily hurt your dog’s skin with the sharp teeth.Try to hold the hair from the roots when you are detangling the matted fur, if not it hurts your dog when you are combing through the mats.

Features :

  • For all coat dogs
  • Removes fleas and ticks from your pet’s coat
  • Removes loose hair and dirt
  • Prevents hair from being matted
  • Prevents hair damage
  • Controls shedding
  • Finely spaced teeth

How to use:

  • Use a flea comb only when your dog’s coat is thoroughly dry
  • Mix water and dish soap together in a bowl as a holding spot for the removed fleas during combing 
  • Begin near your pet’s face and work towards the back and tail. Use firm strokes in the direction of the hair growth to remove all fleas and dead hair  
  • After several strokes, push down on the comb’s prongs to remove all fleas and dead hair into the soap and water mixture
  • Make sure to comb under your the belly, which is where fleas will move towards when combing the pet’s back and tail.

Note: This product is available in different shape, color and dimension.

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Hello Pet Flea Dog Comb Large
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