HD Joint Management Tablets Helps Fight Hip Dysplasia And Other Joint Complaints. Reduced Mobility Due To Arthritis Or Old Age, Stiffness Of Muscles Involving Joints. It Helps To Alleviate The Pain Caused By Aching Muscles And Joints And Increases The Production Of Fluids In The Joints Resulting In Improvement In Cases Of Arthritis And In Some Cases, The Pain Disappearing Altogether.


  • Alleviate the pain caused by aching muscles and joints
  • Increase the production of fluids in the joints
  • Pain disappears altogether


  • Dimethylsulfone  45 mg/Tablet
  • Ascorbic Acid    30 mg/Tablet
  • Citric Acid E-      330 6 mg/Tablet
  • Potassium Chloride 6 mg/Tablet
  • Vitamin E              0.75 mg/Tablet
  • Taurine                0.60 mg/Tablet
  • L-Carnitine Chloride 0.60 mg/Tablet
  • Zinc Chloride          0.30 mg/Tablet
  • Magnesium Oxide 0.12 mg/Tablet


  • First 3 weeks: 1 Tablet per 5 Kg Body weight
  • After 3 weeks: 1Tablet per 10 Kg Body Weight
  • In case of recurrent pain, re-administer the original dose indefinitely.

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HD 100 Tablets Beapher
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