Choostix Real Mutton Biskies 500 gms




TYPE: Dog Treat

QUANTITY: 500 grams

BREEDS: All Breeds

DESCRIPTION: Choostix Real Mutton Biskies 500 gms is a wholesome dog treat containing Real Mutton flavour for giving your pouch all the health and nutrition. Mutton is a great source of iron which helps in the synthesis of blood. It also ensures an efficient supply of nutrients throughout the body. A rich protein content offered by the treat helps in smooth functioning of the nervous system. Calcium is present in the treat which keeps strong bones and joints. The biscuits can be served as a snack between meals and is also a good treat to be used during training purposes. Carbohydrate content of 70% ensures that your canine remains active and energetic. Choostix Real Mutton Biskies contains dietary fibres which keep good digestive health and bowel movement. The distinct shape of the treat promotes good chewing and helps remove Tartar and plaque buildup.


  • Real Mutton flavour makes the treat highly palatable.
  • Maintain good muscle mass and strength.
  • Keeps good dental health.
  • Unique treat shape and size removes Tartar from teeth.
  • Promotes good digestive health.
  • Works as snacks between meals.
  • Ideal for all dog breeds.Â

Mutton powder, wheat flour, oats, corn, rice, calcium, phosphorus, extruded soya, Vitamin D3, Herbal Liver Tonic, Permitted EC preservatives, Permitted EC Colourants, Permitted EC flavours, Sodium Chloride.

Crude Protein (Min) 10%, Crude Fat (Min) 4.5%, Carbohydrates 70%, Dietary Fibres 5.5%, Calcium 100 Mg / 100 g, Moisture (Max) 10%, Phosphorus 50 Mg/100G, Herbal Liver Tonic- 500 Mg/100G

Choostix Real Mutton Biskies 500 gms
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