Shih tzu puppy for sale in Delhi

Shih tzu puppy for sale in delhi

Shih tzu Puppies For Sale In Delhi – Shih tzu puppy for sale in Delhi at best price, All heavy boned pup & puppies at Best Price Available in Delhi
You know how difficult it is to locate a trusted, we are experienced Shih Tzu puppy breeder in Delhi. You really want a cute little Shih Tzu puppies be sure that the Shih Tzu puppy in Delhi is healthy, has with papers, was raised properly and was bred correctly?Your experience of choosing a Shih Tzu puppies in Delhi / Ncr should be fun and exciting. For this reason, we have an Exclusive List of Shih Tzu Breeders. Our list is short for a reason! Only small home breeders whom we have extensively interviewed and have passed our very picky checklist are listed here. You can be sure that the following breeders are experienced, loving, ethical and have unwavering devotion for the Shih Tzu breed. If you live in a state in which a Shih tzu breeder is not listed, we would suggest that you look to a state that borders you. Some will drive to meet you halfway or make other arrangements to make sure that your puppy arrives to you safely. Have fun looking for your puppy and when you do bring home your little Shih Tzu, please be sure in delhi to send us a photo and let us know which breeder you connected with! If you ever come across a breeder that claims that they have been chosen by us, please check here first! We have seen others pretend to be on our list, when in fact, we do not know them. Only the breeders shown here are our recommended breeders. Thanks!

Shih tzu puppy in Delhi, India – Shih Tzu Breeder

Welcome! We are a small, in home, hobby Shih Tzu breeder in New Delhi, located between Dwarka, Delhi. We offer the To quality of Healthy, Adorable, Loving, KCI registered Pure breed Shih Tzu Puppies in Delhi / NCR with Champion and Tiny Imperial and Imported Lines in all the desirable rare and classic colors of the rainbow. Our Vision here at the Shih Tzu Garden is to always strive to better the breed and we raise our fur babies in a home/family environment.
  • We do health testing on our Mommies before breeding along with vet health checks in Delhi.
  • We offer a 2 year health guarantee plus Lifetime Support.
  • All puppies come with a goody bag with all the things to help you get started including food, a soft blanky with the Mom and siblings scent to help the transition to your house, toys, and information on puppy care, and Kennel club of India event information.
  • Our fur angels also come to you with a vet health checkup (written record), up to date on shots, wormings, very important socialization, and have been showered with lots of love!
We want you to be 100% happy with your new puppy experience and strive to exceed your expectations. We offer to approved homes only as we are very picky were our luvmufffins go. You will get love in a tiny package called a Shih Tzu! So drop by and visit us at the Shih Tzu Garden, Where Exquisite Puppies are Grown! ~ KarenInformation of Shih tzu Group : Companion DogsWeight : 9 – 16 PoundsHeight : 8 – 11 InchesColor(s) : Shih Tzu comes in many colors: black, black and white, gray and white, or red and white.Coat : The Shih Tzu has a long, dense, and abundant double-coat. The luxurious and profuse outer-coat often sweeps the ground, and may be slightly wavy. The under-coat is wooly and soft in texture. The long hair on top of the head is typically placed into a topknot to prevent eye irritation. The Shih Tzu coat varies widely in color. They are minimal shedders and are considered hypoallergenic. Distinct Feature : The Shih Tzu is small, sturdy, and intelligent. They carry themselves with a noble and proud posture befitting their aristocratic ancestry. One of their most valued characteristics is the eye, which exude warmth and a human-like quality. The Shih Tzu is the least delicate of the toy breedContactAryanCall :. +91  9555944924+91  9911293906Email:.
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