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Saint Bernard Puppy For Sale in Delhi

Saint Bernard Dogs are a very large breed of dog, Saint bernard Puppies for sale in Delhi is one of the biggest dog breeds. Basically, there are two variants of this big dog breed, the small-haired or smooth fur and the long-haired or rough fur variety. St. Bernards are friendly, gentle, and are generally fond of children. This breed is known to be extremely loyal and is always eager to please its owners. They will normally bark at strangers and their huge size makes them good deterrents against trespassers.
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About Saint Bernard

Body: Saint Bernard’s chest is well arched and moderately deep, extending to but not below the elbows. The back is very wide and perfectly straight to the haunches, and then gently slopes to the rump blending nicely into the base of the tail. The belly is distinctly set off from the powerful loins with slight draw up.
Color: The coat of St. Bernard is White with Red or Red with White. The Red can be in various shades with brindle patches and white markings. Saint Bernard has white markings on its chest, feet, collar or nape of the neck, tip of tail, and noseband.
Coat: Saint Bernard comes in a Shorthaired and Longhaired variety. The Shorthaired has a short, tough, very dense coat that lays smooth and should never be rough to the touch. The coat on the thighs is slightly bushy. The coat at the base of the tail is longer and denser, gradually becoming shorter toward the tip. The Longhaired has a medium-length coat that is straight to slightly wavy. The coat on the haunches and rump is typically wavier than the rest of the coat. The tail of the Longhaired is slightly bushier with a longer coat. The face and ears are covered with a shorter coat. The front legs are slightly feathered with bushy thighs.


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