Krypto Dog Treats Munches Chicken Stick 1 Kg is formulated as an aid to meeting your dog’s nutritional needs. provide reliable stock for all your pets needs. These treats are not intended as a dog’s main food. Dogs loves the taste. They can be used for training and a reward. This treat is a useful complement to the nutritious diet you provide your pet.


  • These treat are high on protein and low on fat.
  • Chewing on rawhide stick, dry treats, rolls or twists helps keep plaque away and reduces the acidity in the dog’s mouth that can cause gingivitis.
  • Dogs need to toughen their teeth and gums, and biting on chew bones is a great exercise to do this.

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Weight : 1 Kg


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Krypto Dog Treats Munches Chicken Stick 1 Kg
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