Kong Puppy Flyer Toy




TYPE: Dog Toy

DIMENSION: 17.8 x 17.8 x 2 cm

COLOUR: Baby Blue ( Colour May Vary)

SUITABLE FOR: Puppies of all breeds up to 9 months of age

DESCRIPTION: KONG Puppy Flyer Toy is a fetch toy made out of high-quality soft rubber that is gentle on the puppies teeth. It works for puppies of all breeds up to 9 months. It is also a chew toy that treats sore teeth and gums in the pups. The toy is appropriate for owners having two dogs in the house as it allows a game of tug of war between them. With the help of this toy, playing a game of fetch with your pup burns the excessive calories consumed by them. The flexible and lightweight nature of the toy makes it is ideal for catching.  KONG Puppy Flyer is formulated entirely from non-toxic natural rubber that makes it safe for all puppies. It is a wear-resistant toy that ensures long-lasting use.


  • Perfect toy for puppies who are learning to play fetch
  • Encourages interactive play in puppies
  • Unique rubber formula that is soft and gentle on puppy’s teeth
  • Offers the workout your puppy needs
  • Treats sore teeth and gums in pups.
Kong Puppy Flyer Toy
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