Jerhigh Dog Treats Strip 70 gms




TYPE: Dog Treat

QUANTITY: 70 grams

BREED: Dogs of all breeds and ages.

DESCRIPTION: Jerhigh Dog Treats Strip is a high-quality snack loaded with essential nutrients and minerals having an alluring chicken flavour for giving dogs of all breeds a feisty dog treat. The treat is in strip form making it suitable for you to carry and also to promote good chewing in canines. Chicken meat as the main constituent gives a protein content of 24% to boost muscle mass and strength. Vitamin B1, B5, B6 and B12 are essential B complex vitamins for improving cognitive skills in the dogs to make them easily trainable. It also speeds up the overall metabolism in dogs. A healthy amount of fats have been added to reduce inflammation and to keep skin and coat of the canine in healthy condition. Organic fibres offered by Jerhigh Dog Treats Strip helps in promoting good digestive health in dogs.


  • Alluring chicken flavour tempts the pickiest of eaters.
  • A substantial amount of protein for boosting nervous functions.
  • Keeps strong gums and teeth in dogs.
  • Fortifies brain health of the canine.
  • Promote good skin and coat health.
  • Vitamin E strengthens the internal defence of the dogs.

INGREDIENTS:Chicken Meat Flavour, Smoke Flavour, Colorant, Vitamin E


Protein(min) 24%, Crude fibre(max) 6%,  Crude fat(min) 9%, Moisture(max) 20%

Jerhigh Dog Treats Strip 70 gms
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