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Find Online Best Great Dane Puppies Price in Delhi, We are Bringing home a new puppy is a great source of excitement for the entire family. The children especially will be very ecstatic anticipating a furry bundle of joy to play with. All these are well Breeding Breed of Great Dane Puppies for sale in Delhi

Coat Color

The dog’s coat can be fawn, brindle, black, blue, mantle harlequin, and even merle. Dark coated Danes have dark eyes while light coated Danes have lighter eyes. Brindle is yellow gold brindled with strong black cross stripes in a chevron pattern with a black mask and black eye rims and eyebrows.

Black may appear on the tail and ear tips. Fawn is yellow gold with a black mask, black eye rims, and eyebrows. Blue is a pure steel blue all over. Black should be glossy black all over. Harlequin is a base color of pure white with black torn patches distributed over the body.

The mantle is black and white with a solid black blanket extending over the body, a black skull with a white muzzle, and often a white blaze, white color, white chest, white on the legs and/or tail.

Coat Type

This dog coat is short, thick, shiny, and close-fitting. His coat is smooth and glossy. His skin is tight with no wrinkles.


Male: not less than 30 inches, preferably 32 inches or more as long as he is well-proportioned

Female: not less than 28 inches, preferably 30 inches or more as long as she is well-proportioned


Male: 120 to 200 lbs

Female: 100 to 130 lbs

Larger dogs are more valued.


The temperament of the Dog

This breed is a true gentle giant. The Dane loves people and attention, is sweet and affectionate and loves to play. It is a great family dog as it adopts all members of the family and is very patient and gentle with children and smaller dogs it is raised with from puppyhood.

The dog is steady and dependable.

Because of his great size as an adult, obedience training needs to be started before he is six months old and continue through the first two years of his life. He also needs to be taught not to lean on people, especially children as he tends to lean and can easily knock someone over. A few are difficult to train, but most simply want to please their owners.

Some breeds are dog aggressive with same-sex dogs.

They only bark as the occasion warrants. They are great watchdogs as they are alert and loyal as well as large and brave.

Because of their power, stamina and long legs, they can be completely out of sight almost instantly if allowed to run free.

Better suited to an indoor or outdoor lifestyle?

The real question is: do you have enough room in your house for this dog? They are not suited to be outdoors all the time. They need to be with people.

Are Great Danes suited to homes with kids?

The breeds are great family dogs who love children of all ages. They are patient and gentle with children. They need to be taught not to lean on people. They love the attention of all family members and love to play with everyone.

Activity Level

How Active is the Great Dane?

These dogs like to run. However, they are not suited to being a jogging partner until their bones and muscles are fully developed some time after their first year. They should always be kept on a lead if they are outside of a fence.

How Much Exercise Does the Great Dane Need at every stage of its Life?

A long daily walk or plenty of running and fetching inside a fence will suit them. As a youngster, he has lots of energy. As he ages, he becomes quiet indoors and can even live in an apartment. However, he loves his outdoor times – just keep him within a tall, secure fence or on a lead.

Note: Even highly obedience-trained Danes run without listening to commands and often end up hit by a car. An injured Dane is like an injured horse and usually will have to be put down (euthanized).

Grooming of the Great Dane

Grooming is easy with this breed. Use a firm-bristled brush every couple of weeks. Trim nails at least monthly. Bathing is quite a chore, so the use of a professional groomer, if that is needed, will help. This breed is an average shedder.

Health and Care and Great Dane Genetic Problems

Being such a large breed, hip and elbow dysplasia are huge concerns. Make sure the parents are OFA certified. They are also prone to bloat and torsion so feed 2-3 small meals and do not allow exercise immediately after the meals. Tumors, cancers, heart disease, and tail injuries are also common.

This breed has a short life span so take him to the vet for check-ups every six months instead of the normal one year.

Breeding the Great Dane and any Cautions

Be very aware of problems in breeding and whelping. Talk with several breeders before deciding to breed your dog.

Life Span

The larger the dog, the shorter the life span. these breeds live less than 10 years. Some have been known to make it 12-14 years.

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