Golden Retriever

Height:  Male: (23-24 Inches) & Female (21-23 Inches)

Male Weight: 30–35 kg

Female Weight: 25–34 kg

Life Span of Dog: 10 – 14 years

Colors: Dark Golden, Cream, Light Golden, Golden, White

Group: Sporting Group

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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Delhi

Life becomes joyful and cheery if you have the company of a dog. They become your buddies, who protect and safeguard you from every threat. An adorable friend who companies you for your morning jogs.

At Asia Pets Shop, we provide you with the perfect furry little Golden Retriever puppies in Delhi. that will make a wonderful addition to your family with a Pure Breed Certificate. We ensure you receive the healthiest, strongest, cutest, and most vibrant puppy of Retriever Puppies. We have a variety of different dog breeds at Asia Pets, and according to your likes and considerations, you can easily bring home your new paw companion.

Male Golden Retriever Starting Price in Delhi. 

Rs.17000 to 30,000– According to quality

Female Golden Retriever Starting Price in Delhi. 

Rs.10,000 to 25,000

Golden Retriever Care

Guard DogUnlike other dogs, Goldens don’t enjoy the outdoors that much. These dogs are prone to allergies and rashes due to sunlight and hot temperature. However, they are courageous and physically strong dogs, which makes them great guard dogs.


Golden retrievers are often called “teddy bears” because of their size and fluffiness. Because of their loving personality, they enjoy big hugs and sleeping with their humans.

Big Personality

Other than their adorable clinginess, these dogs establish a strong love and connection to their owners.

This is what drives their protective and attentive instinct.


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golden retriever puppy for sale in delhigolden retriever puppy for sale in delhi
Golden Retriever