Golden Retriever

Height:  Male: (23-24 Inches) & Female (21-23 Inches)

Male Weight: 30–35 kg

Female Weight: 25–34 kg

Life Span of Dog: 10 – 14 years

Colors: Dark Golden, Cream, Light Golden, Golden, White

Group: Sporting Group

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Golden Retriever is the Best Behavior Dog in Delhi. We have Best quality Golden retriever in Delhi NCR, Buy Online Top quality of Golden Retriever puppies in Delhi. Let see More Details of Golden Retrievers.

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Male Golden Retriever Starting Price in Delhi. 

Golden Retriever Price  Rs.17000 to 80,000– According to quality

Female Golden Retriever Starting Price in Delhi. 

Rs.10,000 to 50,000

Top Quality Golden Retrievers in Delhi

Golden retriever puppies wearing pink bows. We pride ourselves on having a very select, well planned top flight breeding program in Delhi / NCR. We have been breeding and showing top quality in Delhi. Golden Retrievers for over 10 years. All of the dogs in our program come from excellent pedigrees with champion lines in Delhi Kennel. We only Top quality breed dogs with sweet temperaments and good looks that conform to the golden retriever standards that have passed their tests for a healthy heart, hips and eyes.

We began breeding and showing Golden Retrievers as a hobby and I have small kennel in Delhi/NCR. We found joy in every step of the process. Going to dog shows was exciting and a thrilling chance to show off our big beautiful boys and our lovely females. Soon it became more than a hobby. We began doing research, studying the popular breed and wanted to do something big with it for Our Healthy Retriever Kennel in Delhi.

We looked at the common problems and sought to prevent them. We watched as the families choose their pups. We listened to their questions and concerns. We tried to be there for every problem. We then blossomed into a Golden Retriever Kennel.

How Bigger size and weight of Golden retriever?

Golden Retrievers males having a withers (shoulder) height of 23″-24″ | 58-61 cm and females with a height of 21.5”-23” | 55-57 cm. Males weight between 65-75 lb | 29-34 kg while females weight in the range of 55-65 lb | 25-29 kg.

Are Golden Retrievers good family dogs in Delhi?

Golden Retrievers are large and hairy dogs and Best Breeder in Delhi/NCR.

They need plenty of space inside and outside and Looking very cute puppies in Delhi.

Their feathery tails have a habit of knocking items off furniture and occasionally small children off their feet.

However, if you want an all-round gentle natured, fun, exuberant member of the family then a Golden Retriever is a great choice.


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Golden Retriever puppy for sale in delhi
Golden Retriever