Gnawlers Yaowo Medulla Roll Dog Treats 22.5 cm (9 inch) 100 gm




TYPE: Dog Treat

LENGTH: 9 inches

WEIGHT: 100 grams

SUITABLE FOR: All dog breeds above 6 months

DESCRIPTION: A good dental chew bone not only strengthens your dog’s teeth but also serves as good training treats. You can use it to teach your dogs your favourite commands and tricks. Gnawlers Yaowo Medulla Roll Dog Treat is one such high-quality treat having a delectable chicken flavour. The constant chewing of this treat helps your dog to improve their oral hygiene. It also leaves with an absolutely refreshing breath. With the help of this roll treat, you can remove those brown spots and plaque in the dog teeth. Gnawlers Yaowo Medulla Roll is flush with top quality protein that boosts muscle mass as well as endurance in the dogs.


  • Highly palatable chicken flavoured roll
  • Improves the dental health of dogs
  • Fortified with protein for good muscle mass
  • Encourages healthy skin and coat
  • Eliminates plaque and brown spots in teeth


Rawhide (pork skin), Wheat starch, Soy protein isolate, Natural flavor (chicken flavour), Organic trace elements, Food colorants, Dietary Fibres, Sodium caseinate, Compound yeast , Small peptide protein (originate from fish), Animal fats (fish).


Energy 1304KJ, Crude protein 71.2%, Crude oils and fats 2.77%, Crude fibres 0.49%, Crude ash 2.02%, Moisture 13%, Sodium 0.066%, Calcium 0.74%, Total phosphorus 0.11%


Gnawlers Yaowo Medulla Roll is a complementary feed for dogs. Use it as a supplement to feed for fulfilling your dog’s daily requirements. Remember to feed the dog under your guidance and guarantee that the dog should always have access to plenty of fresh water.

Gnawlers Yaowo Medulla Roll Dog Treats 22.5 cm (9 inch) 100 gm
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