Cane Corso

Country of Origin:Italy

Weight:90 – 140 lbs

Height:24 – 28 inches

Color:According to the Indian Kennel Club, a Cane Corso may be black, shades of gray, shades of fawn, or even red. Fawn and red dogs should have a black or gray mask around the eyes. Brindle is allowed.

Lifespan: 10-12 years
Energy Level: High
Coat: Short-haired and glossy
Shedding: Moderate
Hypoallergenic: No


Location: Delhi, IN

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We are Cane Corso breeders in Delhi, India.

Our way Cane Corso Puppies for sale. Find The Best breeding Cane Corso is a responsible and familiar breeding. Our Cane Corso puppies do not live in cages, our puppies enjoy a healthy and happy living.
Our Cane corso is Italian breed it’s called Italian Mastiff are fed with meat, vegetables, fruit and fish. We do our own natural menu. We will be happy to select a wonderful Cane Corso dog for you, a grey Cane Corso puppy , black Cane Corso puppy, Cane Corso Puppy blue or a Wonderful brindle Cane Corso puppy.

Cane Corso puppy Price

How much is a cane corso puppy? Do you want to know the price of a Cane Corso puppy? How Much Does A Cane Corso Cost?

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We have many years selecting temperament and physical potential of Cane Corso dogs.
We have amazings breeding litters. buy puppy cane corso male for sale.

Buy cane corso females for sale You can buy female Cane Corso puppies that make up a large part of our herd and help to balance and calm the smooth running of the Cane Corso character

CARE of Cane Corso Breed

This is The Cane Corso Breed and This Breed is working breed needs plenty of physical activity to stay in shape. The Cane Corso Breed Plan on taking him for a brisk walk or jog of at least a mile, morning and evening, every day. If you like to bicycle, get an attachment that will allow him to run alongside you also Take him From Best Breeder in Delhi at Asia Pets.

The Cane Corso Breed easy on puppies. Their musculoskeletal system isn’t fully developed until they are about 18 months old, so while they need more walks to help burn off their puppy energy, those walks should be shorter and slower and The Cane Corso Puppies easy to Buy From Online in  Delhi.

The Working Breed Dog For mental stimulation, provide this dog with a job. Good employment for a Corso includes herding livestock (your own or a trainer’s), learning tricks, practicing obedience skills, or being involved in a dog sport. Spend at least 20 minutes a day on these types of activities. It’s okay to break it up: for instance, 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening.

Never allow a Corso to run loose. A solid, secure fence is a must. An electronic fence will not prevent him from leaving your property if he chooses to, and it won’t protect your neighbor’s dog or cat if he wanders into your yard.

Mostly Cane Corso is Finally, be prepared for the amount of care and large bills that can go along with owning a large dog. There’s more poop to scoop, and essentials such as spay/neuter surgery are more expensive for big dogs than for small ones. If your Corso needs surgery for any other reason, the cost of anesthesia will be high because he needs more of it than a small dog, as well as larger amounts of pain medication after surgery. Finally, there are the costs of training class, entry fees for dog sports, and pet-sitting or boarding when you are away from home. Take all of these expenses into consideration before acquiring a Corso because you will be facing them for 10 to 12 years.


SIZE of Cane Corso

The Corso is a large dog and muscular dog. Males stand 25 to 27.5 inches at the withers; females 23.5 to 26 inches. Weight is proportionate to height and typically ranges from 90 to 120 pounds.

Health of Cane Corso

The Cane Corso Breed is generally healthy, but like all breeds, they’re prone to certain Corso pup and dogs health conditions. Not all Vallum will get any or all of these diseases, but it’s important to be aware of them if you’re considering this breed.

A Cane Corso Expect breeders to have up-to-date health clearances certifying that a puppy’s parents are free of eye disease and hip dysplasia. Always Cane Corso Clearances should be in the form of an eye exam by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist with the results registered with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and an OFA or Penn hip evaluation of the hips. You can confirm health clearances by checking the OFA website or the website of the Canine Health Information Center.



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