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Poodle puppy for sale in delhi

The Beautiful, healthy, Toy poodle happy, socialized, trained Standard Poodle puppies whelped from health tested Champion lines. Raised on our ranch against the Wasatch Mountains inside our home with constant love and attention. Health testing on adult poodles include: . All puppies are vaccinated, wormed, and Kci papers micro-chipped.

poodle puppy for sale in delhi
I take pride in producing healthy and quality Black and Red Kci Miniature Poodles. Immeasurable care and attention is given to each litter. My poodles dogs and puppies are an intricate part of my family and they each get the individualized attention they need to excel in development of their temperaments. It’s important to research and understand the lifelong commitment involved in caring for these precious family members to insure many years of mutual sheared happiness.
I collaborate with breeders in Europe. This unique opportunity enables me to contribute to creating a more vast gene pool for the breed. I don’t breed for financial gain but with each generation of puppies, I’m passionately looking for the next champion show dog.
Above all, I breed for the betterment of the breed, health, and temperament. If you and yours are in search of a family companion that will absolutely warm your hearts and light up your life then the poodle breed is the right choice. I will answer as many questions you need answered to satisfy your queries, concerns, curiosity and share knowledge and provide advice for years to come. Prospective owners will be carefully screened to ensure that your next family addition will be nothing short of the perfect match.
All Breed we Have healthy and Active male and female
We raise and exhibit gorgeous Multicolor and Solid color Standard or Toys Poodles! Puppies sometimes available. KCI registered.  Please visit our website for information and a glimpse of our life with our beautiful dogs.  I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have!
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