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labrador puppy for sale in delhi

Asia Pets is the Big Breeding Market. We have Black Labrador, Golden Labrador, Chocolate Labrador Breed Dogs are available and Our Favorite.

What is the Feature of Labrador

Labrador is the medium breed and Labrador retriever.
Labrador pup price in delhi Black labrador puppy for sale in delhi

Labrador are trustworthy with children and especially with very young children
because their Medium size. Friendly Toward Strangers. lap is his favorite
destination. He is happiest when he is with his family, giving and receiving

Adopts for Well to Home / Good For Novice Owners / Affectionate
with Family / Incredibly Kid Friendly Dogs / Easy To Train / Potential For

Organisation From the Labrador The Kennel of india

Breed Group – Herding Group / Sporting Dog / Medium Breed / Always Active

Height – Up to Male : Male: 60–65 cm, Female: 55–60 cm

Weight – Male: 30–40 kg, Female: 22–32 kg

Life Expectancy -About 11 to 14 years Depend on a Luck

Litter Size – About 3 to 10 puppies

Grooming – The Labrador Dog Always Looking Ruff and Tuff Dog and Hair cutting and Grooming Required Yearly.

Training for Labrador : Yes Training is required to the Labrador dog because this
dog is the very playful and shouter, Intelligent, Hipper Dog.

There is no such breed as an “imperial” or “Medium Breed”

To get a healthy pet, never buy a puppy from a backyard breeder, puppy
mill, or pet store. Find a reputable breeder who test her breeding dogs for
genetic health conditions and good temperaments.

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