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Golden Retriever Puppies For Sale In Delhi

Life becomes joyful and cheery if you have the company of a dog. They become your buddies, who protect and safeguard you from every threat. An adorable friend who companies you for your morning jogs.

At Asia Pets, we provide you with the perfect furry little puppies that will make a wonderful addition to your family. We ensure you receive the healthiest, strongest, cutest, and most vibrant puppy. We have a variety of different dog breeds at Asia Pet Shop, and according to your likes and considerations, you can easily bring home your new paw companion.

One high-spirited dog that we have is the golden retriever. Nobody can resist the cuteness of this amazing dog breed. If you are searching for golden retriever puppies for sale in Delhi, then Asia Pets Shop the hub. call us on 9555944924

We assure you that we will give you the puppies at the best golden retriever puppy price in Delhi. You don’t have to worry about high charges because we believe that the love between a human and their dog cannot be corrupted.

You just have to contact us and we will help you in choosing the right puppy. All the necessary procedures will be taken care of. Before jumping to the benefits of why you should get a golden retriever, here is a small introduction about them.

Breed NameGolden Retriever
OriginUnited Kingdom and Canada
Breed GroupSporting Group
HeightMale: 23 – 25 inches (57 – 62 cm) Female: 22 – 24 inches (55 – 60 cm)
WeightMale: 29 – 36 kg Female: 25 – 32 kg
Lifespan10 – 14 Years
Temperament Gentle, Even Tempered, Kind, Intelligent, Kid, Friendly, Easy to train
Apartment Friendly Highly
Price 30, 000 – 80, 000

If you have any questions that you want to be answered or need any more information about our golden retriever puppy price, do not hesitate to reach out to us and we will happily be of assistance.then you just need to call us on 9555944924

A Brief Introduction About Golden Retrievers

The Golden retriever is originated from Scotland. They were bred to bring shot waterfowl such as upland game birds or ducks. This dog is a medium to large breed that weighs between 55 to 75 pounds and is about 20 to 24 inches in height. They live a life of ten to twelve years.

Golden retrievers are always in demand and are famous worldwide. They have wonderful characters and a beautiful appearance. There are numerous nice things about this breed.

They are demonstrative, cheerful, and trustworthy with everyone around them. Their bark is rather welcoming than protective. Their friendly behavior with other pets, strangers, and children makes it an ideal family dog.

Benefits Of Bringing A Golden Retriever Puppy At Home

Let’s discuss why a golden retriever is a correct choice for you by looking at these benefits:

They Have An Intuitive Nature

The more time your golden retriever spends with you, the more they will know about you. They become highly intuitive. They always have great instincts and know when something is not right. They know when you are feeling low and will spend a lot of time around you to comfort and cheer you up.

They will always be there by your side when you are sad, they are the ultimate companions that will bring you joy. They always greet you with a large grin on their faces and wagging tail. They easily pick on all your habits and moods. They also can pick up what your next movement is going to be.

They Are Extremely Protective And Loyal Dogs

This dog breed is extremely loyal and protective. If you notice whenever you unleash a golden retriever, they tend to run ahead and sometimes disappearing. They are always going to come back to you unless they get lost. No matter what, their entire devotion is on you and making you happy.

Let’s face it, golden retrievers are friendly with everyone, but they will exceptionally be loyal to their dog owners and their families. There is nothing this breed wouldn’t do for you; they will always put you first.

They Have A Wonderful Temperament

This breed loves love. They are huge dogs and have great energy levels, but they tend to be very gentle. They are eager to please, caring, intelligent, loyal, and well, the list goes on. No breed is brilliantly well-mannered as a retriever. For a long time, they have been great assistant dogs.

Their ability to learn, devote, their utmost concern for the well-being of their human companion and their excellent work ethic make them a star. This breed barely lashes out on somebody, but even if they do, it takes a lot of pressure for them to do so.

This is the kind of dog who will sulk if you get angry, but they are brave enough to take charge for the greater good. Their gentle and sweet temperament makes them the best family dogs.

They Are Incredible Therapy Dogs

Thanks to golden retrievers’ good nature and kind heart, they also make amazing therapy dogs. Maybe your dog in particular will not be a therapy dog, but they have ingrained in them the kind of behavior and nature required for it.

If you have a family member that needs to calm down, this breed can be the most heedful partner for this job. They are friendly, gentle and they look very harmless. This is why people have no issues embracing and approaching them.

Training Them Is A Piece Of Cake

Their intelligence, willingness to learn and patience make them the most trainable dogs. They are obedient and want to please you. Most dog breeds do not enjoy learning new tricks, but golden retrievers cannot get enough of them. This dog breed also has a better level of focus than most breeds.

Golden retrievers are considered to be among the top five smartest dogs. What’s more mind-blowing is that they can learn over 165 words and have an intelligence level equal to that of 2 to 2.5 years old humans.

As soon as your puppy is settled and comfortable in its new home, you can teach them basic tricks and ways to be obedient. They make great progress with these basic teachings by the time they are a couple of weeks old.

Important Considerations Before Buying A Golden Retriever

Now that we have looked at the benefits of buying a golden retriever, let’s focus our attention on things we should consider before buying them:

They Require Excessive Exercise

Golden retrievers were bred for hunting purposes. They require an ample amount of exercise every day. Generally, 20-30 minutes twice a day is enough. If they don’t get this physical training, they will lose their calm and become irritated.

Simple walks are not the only ideal option, but taking a run, and going for a swim are some other activities. They will become restless, or end up breaking items in the house, or be extremely noisy, or chew on things. Not exercising enough can also make them overweight.

They Are Prone To Various Health Conditions

This dog breed is prone to allergies and skin problems, especially brittle and dry coats. They have different problems with eye defects and hip dyspepsia. Consulting a veterinarian is very expensive and can put a hole in your pocket.

There is a rumor that golden retrievers suffer from back and leg issues, which is mostly true. Kidney and heart conditions are also common. You should prepare yourself for vet bills, but this expense is common for every dog breed. Proper research and finding a reputed breeder is always a plus point.

They Profusely Shed A Lot Of Hair

You need to consider that a golden retriever is a big shredder, before buying them. They shed throughout the year, but they shed their old coats and wait for new ones in the fall and spring season. At this time, you will see a lot of fur coming off of them and brushing will become necessary. Sometimes, brushing will become a daily business.

A simple trick is to go outside your house and brush them, this way you will have to clean less. For people who have allergies, this kind of fur shedding becomes unbearable. Make sure you are committed to getting a dog because no house that has any kind of dog breed will be squeaky clean.

They Are Huge Food Lovers

A large dog always needs a lot of food. Golden retrievers are huge eaters. If they were given an opportunity, they will continue to eat and eat. It is important to be aware and know the quantity of food you need to feed them. Overfeeding can be dangerous. This can lead to many serious health problems and can also make them overweight. The food costs will be reaching the sky as well.