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We have Small Kennel For Our Beagle. We have six Female Dog and Two male Dogs are available for the breeding purpose. I have males are directly imported from Australia. Beagle commonly available on Tri color, Leamon color.

There are larger, well known Beagle Show Kennels (with their own websites) who ’s good reputation speaks for themselves. Before you decide to welcome a Beagle puppy into your family, you will probably have already extensively researched the breed, and all reputable breeders will be happy to spend time discussing Beagles with you.Below are links to very useful websites which are full of valuable information about Beagles.

Group : Hound

Weight : 6 – 8 Kgs

Height : 30 – 32 Cms

Color(s) : Any true hound color (Tricolor).

Coat : Beagles have a very sleek and shorthaired coat. The Beagle has a hound type coat of medium length making grooming relatively easy for this breed.

Distinct feature : The Beagle is full of energy and does great in a family environment. They are very lively, active, and high energy making a wonderful childs companion given the proper socialization. This breed is alert and of even temperament and should never show signs of aggression or timidity.

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Beagle puppy price in delhi   Beagle puppy price in delhi

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