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Akita information and Price

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Breed Group : Utility

Weight : 70 kgs

Height : 66–71 cm – American

……….. 64–70 cm – Japanese

Color(s) : American: All colours

………….Japanese: Red, fawn, sesame, brindle, pure white

Coat : There are many different colors and color combinations in Akita, including black, white, chocolate, a combination of color and white, or brindle. The Akita is double-coated, with the undercoat being very dense and plush. the topcoat is short.

Distinct feature : The Akita is arguably the most admired dog breed. It has admirable features and behaviors that make it a friend to many dog enthusiasts. The dog’s most pleasing behavior is the loyalty it shows to man. The dog is able to remain loyal to its owner and this is one of the reasons that have made it earn greatness. Having faced a blink of extinction, the Japanese Akita is now a protected breed that can guard children, protect people from danger and perform other activities as trained by the owner. These are just but some of the beneficent characteristics.

Temperament :
 The Akita is brave and smart, and requires a lot of human companionship. Akitas should be allowed to live indoors (though they can tolerate the outdoors in cool climates) and given plenty of attention. They are highly protective and territorial. Akitas prefer not to have other dogs around, and should become acquainted with cats and other household pets early in life to avoid aggressive behavior. They get along with children, preferably older children, but they must be given personal space. The Akita is not fond of strangers.

Activity : Akitas have considerable stamina and should be physically and mentally stimulated as much as possible. They should be walked on a leash or provided an enclosed area for activity. Akitas enjoy active playtime with family. They can adapt when not exercised for a time, but may be less quiet and obedient. Akitas can tolerate apartment life provided they receive sufficient exercise.


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