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American Bully

:BREED INFORMATIONS AT A GLANCE : Breed Group : Utility Weight : 31 – 54 kg Height : 18-21 Color(s) :Black, Blue, Fawn, Red, White, Brindle, Grey, Brown, Tan Coat :The American Bully’s coat is short, smooth and glossy and should feel stiff to touch. The coat of the American Bully comes in a variety of colors such as fawn, chocolate, black, red and brindle variations. […]

Alaskan Malamute

:::BREED INFORMATIONS AT A GLANCE : Breed Group : Utility Weight :34-38.5 kg Height : 58-63.5 cm Color(s) :Black & White, Brown & White, Gray & White, Sable & White, Seal & White, Red & …………White Coat : The Alaskan Malamute has a dense double coat. The outer coat is thick and coarse and the under coat is greasy and wooly. The coat is […]

Akita information and Price

Contact No : +91 – 9911293906 ::BREED INFORMATION AT A GLANCE : Breed Group : Utility Weight : 70 kgs Height : 66–71 cm – American ……….. 64–70 cm – Japanese Color(s) : American: All colours ………….Japanese: Red, fawn, sesame, brindle, pure white Coat : There are many different colors and color combinations in Akita, including black, white, chocolate, a combination of color […]