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Dog Brush Double Side Pin (M)

  • Rs. 250.00

Dog Brush Double Side Pin (M)   The double side dog brush with side pin in medium size wi..

  • Ex Tax:Rs. 250.00
  • Product Code:dog brush7
  • Availability:In Stock

Dog Brush Double Side Pin (M)

The double side dog brush with side pin in medium size will provide a complete solution to maintain the hair of all you short and long haired dogs. This dual brush has multiple purposes. It will help to get rid of the excessive hair from the coat along with dry and flaky skin. In addition to this it will also regulate the oils glands.
This brush in medium size is a blessing in disguise for all long and short haired pet owners. This can be used for both your cats and dogs. You can use this on every day basis as well. The pin brush will remove all tangles and matting and the softer brusher will help to regulate the oil glands that will help to maintain a smooth skin at all times. Regular usage of this brush will reduce shedding to the minimal and you will see lesser hair around the house as well.
  • Maintains luster of your coat
  • Gets rid of tangles and mats
  • Removes dry and flaky skin
  • Can be used for both cats and dogs
  • Regulates the oil gland in the pet
  • Color - Wooden
  • Material - Wooden, Mettalic pins
  • Breed  - All breed with medium and long hairs
  • Use - To remove dead hairs and detangle the hair
  • Size - Medium

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