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Flexi Comfort Compact All Tape 5 m Green Small

  • Rs. 2,580.00

Flexi Comfort Compact All Tape 5 m Green Small   Give your pet the freedom to move around..

  • Ex Tax:Rs. 2,580.00
  • Product Code:flexi2
  • Availability:In Stock
Flexi Comfort Compact All Tape 5 m Green Small
Give your pet the freedom to move around, while maintaining complete control over him with the Flexi Comfort Compact All Tape. This is a comfortable and stylish accessory with a smooth working. It has a single button system if you want to lock the length of the tape to a certain extent. The lead also extends and retracts easily depending on the distance of the pet. So if he comes closer, the leash retracts on its own. This tape has an adjustable length to allow you to handle your pet from a safe and convenient distance. The leash is designed with high quality comfort line and a soft grip. 
You can also carry this leash with you anywhere you want because it is portable and compact with a sturdy casing. The lead also has a glossy coating that gives it looks and makes it more durable. The lead also uses an integrated braking system that keeps your dog always under your control. The ergonomic handle of this tape makes it easy for you to manage your pet. At the end of the leash is a chromed snap hook to attach it to the dog’s collar. 
  • Soft hand grip 
  • Comfortable to use
  • Patented flexi braking technique 
  • Chromed snap hook
  • One handed braking and retraction system
  • Color - Blue
  • Suitable for - Dog upto 12 kg
  • Max Size (Length) - 5 M
  • Material - Nylon

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