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India Beagle Breeders is a small family kennel located in Dwarka, Delhi, India. We breed Beagle dogs and also offer Beagle for sale responsibly since year 2011. We breed on a limited basis averaging 4 to 5 litters in a year. We focus on best quality health and better temperament, whether for companion or dog shows. Our dog have shown their records equivalent to Indian Champion and they are owner handled. We give our contribution into breeding, showing, selling our KCI registered dogs into a responsible and loving homes. Our all shih tzus are raised in a family like atmosphere within our kennel. They are raised very lovingly, socially and carefully before going to their new loving home. We.take part in life of each Beagle dog lover, providing help or support to him and offer 1 month written health guarantee covering any genetic disorder of the hips,elbows, eyes, and thyroid. If you are interested in India Beagle puppies or an adult dog, please contact us. We will definitely give almost all support from us. Thank you for visiting India Beagle Breeders in India.
We are expertise in breeding Beagle from past three years. Our kennel is based at Dwarka, Delhi, India. We are a focussed breeder and breed our adults once in a year. We have a family of 6 adult Beagle dogs in which 5 are females and one is a male. All our dogs are from champion bloodline and registered. They are also microchipped.

beagle puppy for sale in delhi

Breed Information

Group : Hound

Weight : 6 – 8 Kgs

Height : 30 – 32 Cms

Color(s) : Any true hound color (Tricolor).

Coat : Beagles have a very sleek and shorthaired coat. The Beagle has a hound type coat of medium length making grooming relatively easy for this breed.

Distinct feature : The Beagle is full of energy and does great in a family environment. They are very lively, active, and high energy making a wonderful childs companion given the proper socialization. This breed is alert and of even temperament and should never show signs of aggression or timidity.

TEMPERAMENT : The Beagle is an all around happy dog that makes a wonderful companion for many different families. This breed adapts to many different environments and lifestyles, if not all. The Beagle is very eager to please, and is very intelligent however training must be consistent as this breed tends to lose interest and focus on something that catches his attention. This breed does extremely well with children, and can do exceptionally well with other pets if socialized properly.


We breed usually our 5 adult Beagle females once in a year and not twice in a year like the other puppy sellers. We are very careful while breeding our adult Beagle bitches. We get approximately 20 to 25 puppies from all our shih tzus in a year. Our adult bitches are tricoloured and bicoloured. Lots of care is required during the breeding phase of these dogs as they are very delicate and sensitive.

We have many our satisfied customers in All over India and who speak about our quality. We are a quality based breeder and not breed only for financial purposes. Our core business is different. We breed just to fulfill our love about the dogs. Hence we love to offer our Beagle puppies for sale for only a genuine dog lover.

Are you interested to buy Beagle puppy from our kennel?
We do breed our adult dogs occasionally and hence the reason we don’t have Beagle puppies every month. We do total possible research and thought up before doing breeding of dogs. Every dog buyer should visit our website once before making a phone call or message with questions.

​-Beagle kennel Pvt Ltd is devoted to produce show quality Beagle Puppies.
-We breed for good quality, health and fitness.
-We are totally focussed on pups development and his body’s fitness.
-Our Beagle puppies and all adult dogs are registered with Kennel club of India.I.e. KCI
-All our dogs and puppies live with us like a family together.Hence we don’t think we are the breeders but we are friends.

If you already have a Beagle dog at home and looking to keep your next dog, you are at the right location of your search. We created this website for every dog buyer and lover to end their search about Beagle dog purchase. In our kennel you will get totally healthy and fit Beagle puppy with the certificate of Kennel club of India and microchip.