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Bark on Barkery Shah's Minty Fresh Breath Chews- 1 kg

  • Rs. 549.00

Bark on Barkery Shah's Minty Fresh Breath Chews- 1 kg The time has finally come. Give your mo..

  • Ex Tax:Rs. 549.00
  • Product Code:barkery2
  • Availability:In Stock

Bark on Barkery Shah's Minty Fresh Breath Chews- 1 kg

The time has finally come. Give your mommy and daddy kisses right on their face without having them cringe because of bad breath. Try out yummy, and crispy, Mama Nikki’s new recipe for some a wave of fresh breath, Shah’s Minty Fresh Breath Bites are the easy and heavenly way to get away from having your teeth brushed and still keep your breath smelling nice. Now you can lick all you want because your drool will not be a problem for mommy and daddy anymore! Specially called Shah for the paw pal Mama Nikki had taken to some years back. Full of love and compassion he wanted to share his joys with everyone around him but like we all have to face them; there were some people who did complain about his breath, having taken matters into her own hands, now Mama has given us a natural, healthy way to fight that problem.
There is also a secret that you should know. Mint is known to cure an upset stomach and relieve stomach cramps as well. So put those paws together and have another treat all by yourself if you feel your tummy aching. Parsley too has medicinal value which keeps us healthy and cures a number of health diseases, specially the more recurrent ones like coughs, colds and tummy troubles. Only to add to the canine parent joys, mint and parsley are also a rich source of vitamins, folic acids and antioxidants, all which make sure we all keep jumping, keep playing ball and keep tugging those knotted ropes for a long long time. So tug their clothes till they give you a little treat to keep you happy, healthy and smelling fresh as ever.
  • Lifestage - Dog above 4 months
  • Ingredients - Mint, parsley, egg, oil, milk, flour
  • Quantity - 1 kg
  • Suitable For - All Breed

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