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Bark on Barkery Pepper's Crunchy Oats- 500 gms

  • Rs. 399.00

Bark on Barkery Pepper's Crunchy Oats - 500 gm Woof out loud because allergies will not give ..

  • Ex Tax:Rs. 399.00
  • Product Code:barkery1
  • Availability:In Stock

Bark on Barkery Pepper's Crunchy Oats - 500 gm

Woof out loud because allergies will not give you any trouble at all. For all our fur friends who have a wheat allergy, Mama Nikki has a gluten free option for you. Filled with the yummiest quality of oat meal that she could get, and dripping with health, Mama Nikki has made sure she does not leave you behind. One of the most desirable human grade foods that our good for four legged pals like ourselves is oats. They a source of protein almost equivalent to soy, milk or meat making them a preference even for our vegetarian clan. They are loaded with soluble fibres which keep cholesterol low and our hearts happy and healthy. Oats are also a natural source for zinc, iron, manganese and Vitamin B all making sure we keep jumping and running like puppies even through our old age.
Pepper, who inspired the name for these crispy, wholesome biscuits was a dog so full of love, energy and happiness, he was the whole package. Quite like oats themselves that have nutrition, taste and healing to give to us. Allergies will now be a thing of the past because these yummy treats are safe and all natural. Gluten does not need to clog our system and bring you down with disease and illness. So gallop your way to a bag of Pepper’s crunchy oats because this bag is truly the whole package! Raise those paws up for health, happiness and a younger feeling wag in that tail. Come together with us and Mama Nikki to say good bye to tradition and say hello to wholesome fresh baked treats.
  • Lifestage - Dog above 4 months
  • Ingredients - Oat meal, milk powder, honey, butter, water
  • Quantity -  500 gm
  • Suitable For - All Breed

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